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Customer Journey Mapping

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We simplify customers' journey through A.I. driven marketing, and world class intelligence & analytics.

Touchpoints Assessment

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We step into customers´ shoes to understand customer persona, needs, attitudes, and pain points.

Customized Solutions

Business Solution Concept

We put together and implement all solutions and tools based on deep analysis of your processes, needs, and goals.

Our solutions

CX & Sales Consulting

We map out customer journeys end-to-end to better understand their behavior & frustrations. We measure, visualize, and put together best in class tools to improve your customer experience and conversion rates.

Inbound Strategy

From that consulting, we can craft a content strategy that maps your value proposition to the various stages of your customer's journey. It’s essential to understand your audience: how they think, the answers they seek, and the path they tend to take to find a solution.

Website and Ecommerce

We can boost your online presence and drive your traffic into sales with better convertion rates.

Our website development team is rooted in the science of sales funnels and customer behavior. Every click and interaction is purposeful, maximizing your online potential.

Digital Marketing Services

Scalable solutions for every step of your customer’s journey and every stage of your sales funnel.

We support your company to achieve every milestone on line, off line and right on time,

A.I and Automation

After analysing your customer behavior, we put together AI and RPA (Robot Process Automation) solutions that will help you achieve your objectives faster, while setting you up for sustainable growth.

Data Image Analytics

Our platform provides data analytics from all image caption, adding deep value and tipping points to the business strategies.

By analyzing customer behavior, we craft a seamless digital experience that converts casual visitors into valuable data.

We build personalized experiences

that meet your customer needs.

We put RPA and Chatbot solutions together to help you scale up processes and reduce costs at all areas.

Our Data Image Platform can be integrated with your security system to help you discover more about your customers bahavior.

It also helps campanies and industries to control and count all info recorded on cameras, such as vehicles, people, animals, and movements.

We develop media plans combining performance and awereness for your brands.

Our digital team members are

influence marketing and sales growth speaciallists.

Our dashboards help you discover and decide about everything your customers say.

We bring them together to help you make decisions that help change your organization and enable growth—at scale.

George Neiva

Founder & Executive Director of GN Sales & Marketing

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George founded GN MARKETING & SALES with the commitment of helping small and medium companies in the US to build a customer experience strategy and implement the best in class digital solutions.

He is a highly experienced Marketing and Sales Executive with 30 years of experience in various senior executive positions across multiple industries, including Telecommunication, Entertainment, Retail, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, and Education. He has led teams in a wide range of areas such as Sales, Communication, Brand Positioning and Construction, Trade Marketing, Merchandising, Promotions & Events, CRM, Corporate Communication, Direct Sales, and Advertising agencies.

He co-founded VCEDU in Brazil with three other partners, where he managed all marketing and sales operations for three years before selling his shares to his partners and moving abroad to pursue international projects. George has extensive experience as an international consultant in the USA and Latin America, having worked on various projects in both regions.

George is fluent in English and a native speaker of Portuguese with good knowledge of Spanish. He has a solid academic background, which includes completing a Board Member Course by IBGC - Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa, a MBA in Marketing by PUC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration by Universidade Candido Mendes in Brazil. Additionally, he was an exchange student in the USA attending Jay County High School in Portland, Indiana, and Parkway North High School in St. Louis, Missouri.

George has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer service with a track record of driving growth, revenue, and profitability in various industries. He has worked for multinational companies such as YDUQS/Estacio Participacoes and Hayman-Woodward, COGNA, TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), Intelig Brazil (owned by Sprint) and AT&T as well as co-founded and led VCEdu Servicos Tecnologicos Ltda. in Brazil.

During carrer as Sales and Marketing Executive, George was responsible for CRM strategy and management of loyalty and retention indicators, Sales and Distribution leading sales teams and and managed several projects in Customer Experience areas in the USA and Latin America.

George has co-founded with this wife Patricia a fashion company in Portugal - La Porta Beach Fashion - based in Algarve. The company specializes in selling female clothing and accessories across Europe, bringing together Patricia´s experience in the fashion and marketing industries.

He is also an Investor and Advisor for five companies in Brazil and Portugal.

Shareholder & Advisor

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